The Undercroft


A new dungeon is available to explore, there is a new teleport spell, as well as technical improvements & bug fixes


A forgotten dungeon has been discovered southeast of Celadon City. The main entrance is underneath an old house in the low-level Wastelands. If you are brave enough to fight the enemies in there, you might be able to receive a hefty reward.
The dungeon consists of multiple rooms, and you must defeat each enemy to advance further. Along the way you can choose to unlock chests you find, or you can continue to venture deeper, where the rewards are greater, but the enemies are stronger. Be careful though, as you may not be able to make it out alive...

Blood Teleport

Blood Teleport Spell

There is a new teleport spell you can cast without using any scrolls, instead sacrificing half of your health to teleport to a random, but possibly dangerous location. Perhaps it can be useful for getting out of a sticky situation.

New buttons on the login screen

Technical Improvements

On the login screen, you can now choose to play in "Performance Mode", which may improve gameplay performance, particularly on mobile devices.
Also on the login screen, you can find a "Clear Game Cache" button. If you are running into issues such as textures not loading, you can click this button to clear game assests stored in your browser, so they can then be reloaded again. Similarly, if the game client detects any corrupted data, you will be notified appropriately.

Bug Fixes

As for bug fixes along with this update:
  • Fixed the "dead area" below the minimap that would block clicks in the game world.