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Latest News and Updates

Sato's Trials
Game | Monday, November 6, 2023
A new quest awaits ...Read More
New Themes for Website and Game Client
Game | Monday, October 9, 2023
A new theme has been added to the website, as well as in-game ...Read More
The Undercroft
Game | Wednesday, October 4, 2023
A dungeon filled with dangerous creatures, as well as rare treasure ...Read More
Statement on Botting, and Some More Bug Fixes
Game | Sunday, May 8, 2022
Just a reminder that botting is not allowed, and also a few more bug fixes ...Read More
Day and Night cycle, New Areas to Explorer, New Spells, and More
Game | Wednesday, March 30, 2022
The day and night cycle has returned, a new island and dungeon are ready to be explored, new teleport spells, and more ...Read More