Sato's Trials


There is a martial arts dojo to the east of Summerton, lead by Master Sato. Can you pass his trials and become a member of his dojo? A fair warning though - his trials can be tough for those who are not a high combat level. If you are interested, you can pay him a visit to see what he has to say.

Other Changes

Some other small changes in this update are:
  • Updated in-game conversation engine
  • Increased the period of inactivity before being logged out from 5 to 10 minutes
  • A warning message will be shown one minute before being logged out due to inactivity

Bug Fixes

As for bug fixes along with this update:
  • Fixed some small pathfinding bugs (enemies getting stuck behind objects when they should be able to move around it, having your character "stop" just before talking to an NPC, etc.)
  • Auto-retaliating against an enemy should no longer move your character off the tile they are standing on (if your attacker is using melee style combat)
  • Fixed a bug where feathers received from an Undercroft chest were in IOU form