New Fishing Area and Bug Fixes

A few bugs have been fixed and a new fishing area has been added, along with a few other changes.

High Cove Docks

New place to fish

New docks have been built in High Cove that will allow you to catch ocean fish, such as Tuna and Marlin. Along with this, Tuna has been updated to require level 48 fishing to catch and level 48 cooking to cook (along with xp increases), and now heals 12 hp. Crabs now heal only 10 hp instead of 12 hp.
And going along with the ocean theme, if you are looking to collect some starfish, Pirates now have a decent chance of dropping them when killed.

A few other changes

  • Shaking normal trees now has a slightly increased rate of dropping a Leaf, due to the previous change of allowing normal trees to give more than one log per tree
  • The minimap has been zoomed out slightly, allowing you to get a better idea of your surroundings

And some bugs that were fixed are:

  • Your character (and NPCs) will no longer get stuck when diagonally facing eachother while both are next to an object (such as a chair, rock, etc.)
  • Fixed exploit where it was possible to get an NPC to be stuck, and could continue to fight it without the NPC retaliating
  • Fixed bug in Knight's Tower where Knights simply would not fight the player (surprisingly, not related to the above mentioned exploit)
  • Loot is now visible to the player who killed an NPC for the first 60 seconds, afterwhich it becomes visible to everyone else
  • Forestry Potions in the Potionmaking skill guide are now correctly listed as requiring level 8 Potionmaking to create
  • The stone columns at Stone Henge can now longer be maged/ranged through
  • Private chat messages will no longer be cut-off above the chat area

Future Updates

Bug fixes will always be prioritized, but here is a glance at a few of the updates that are planned for the near future:
  • Adding the ability to change private chat to friends-only or turning it off completely
  • Adding a way to report bugs in-game, without needing to send an email, or posting on Reddit/Discord/etc.
  • Releasing Sato's Trials Quest
  • Adding single-combat zones
  • Implementing the Crime skill
  • And much more to come