Merry Christmas 2023


Christmas is almost here and Santa has finally stopped by HighSpell this year! He's been seen dropping presents underneath pine trees all over HighSpell. If you are from a more tropical region don't worry, he drops presents underneath palm trees as well! Santa will be placing presents under trees through December 26th before he heads back to the North Pole.

Other Changes

Other changes included in this update:
  • Added an "insert" reorganization mode for the bank menu, so it should be easier to keep your bank organized
  • Actions performed on an item are now done at that particular item slot. For example, if you drop or eat an item while there are more than one instance of that item in your inventory, the item will be removed from that particular slot, instead of removing the first instance of that item in your inventory
  • Arrows shot by players that do not break will now remain on the ground for five minutes instead of two
  • You can now use the right-click context menu after selecting an item to use on another item, or a spell to cast on an item, instead of only left-click support
  • Clicking the tile you are standing on while performing an action (fishing, combat, woodcutting, etc.) will cause your character to stop performing that action, instead of the click being ignored
  • You can now cast alchemy spells on IOU items (only one IOU item will be alchemized per cast, not the whole stack)

Bug Fixes

Bugs that were fixed:
  • Fixed some memory leak issues on the client side
  • Fixed bug in Sato's Trials quest where an attacking NPC may despawn, forcing the player to restart the trials
  • Fixed bug so your character no longer temporarily stays animated when you have a full inventory while fishing/woodcutting/harvesting
  • Fixed bug where you were unable to harvest plants while wearing silver or golden gloves.