Armour Buffs and Enchanting Changes

A few changes to items have been made, a couple of skills have been modified, and some extra (experimental) support for mobile has been added.

Item Changes

  • All medium helms have been given a defense buff, so that they are slightly higher defense than the previous metal tier's full helm defense. Medium helms have also been given a +1 attack buff.
  • Gloves have also been given a slight attack buff, depending on the metal tier.
  • Staffs have been given a +4 magic bonus

Enchantment Changes

  • You can now receive more enchanted scrolls for each scroll that is enchanted. You can see which levels give bonus scrolls by clicking the in-game skill guide for Enchantment, and viewing the Bonus Enchantments section.
  • The bonus scrolls you receive do not count toward your Enchantment xp earned however

Cooking Changes

  • Bass and Bluegill now require level 1 cooking to cook

New Mouse Settings

  • There is now an option to play with a 'one mouse button' mode
  • You can now rotate the camera when holding down the scroll button and moving your mouse

Mobile Update (experimental)

Mobile support for HighSpell is currently experimental, but I went ahead and added some improvements for those who do play on mobile.
  • Support for full-screen
  • Support for zooming in and out, as well as rotating the camera
  • The ability to use the newly added 'one mouse button' setting, to better simulate a right-click
  • Tapping the chat menu now pops up a text input dialog (the text input dialog will also appear when clicking a friend in the friends list, 'withdraw x' in the bank, etc.)
  • Note: There seems to be some issues when you login while in portrait mode on your phone. So I recommend logging in while your phone is in landscape mode, and then you can switch to portrait mode when your character is logged in, if you prefer.