Dragonsmoke Island Quest and More

This update brings a new quest, new areas to explore, and other miscellaneous updates and additions.

Dragonsmoke Island Quest

A new quest has been added called Dragonsmoke Island. The pirates in Pirate's Bay are originally from there, but as you might know, they have been shipwrecked for quite some time now. Perhaps you can pay a visit there and talk to Blackbeard to see about them getting back home... if that is possible.

Message in a Bottle

While fishing, there is now a small possibility of fishing up a Message in a Bottle, and who knows what could be inside.

Gold Necklaces

The ability to craft gold necklaces has been added, in addition to the existing silver necklaces. The gold necklaces have slightly better stats than their silver counterparts. And on the subject of stats, some necklace stats have been slightly rebalanced. Also, note that if you happened to already have a Diamond Necklace, which was originally made from a gold bar and diamond, it has been converted to a silver Diamond necklace.

Harvesting Roots

New root plants have been discovered all over HighSpell, which can be harvested and used for potionmaking. This should also help increase the rate at which the potionmaking skill can be leveled up. You can check out the in-game Harvesting guide to see the requirements to harvest each root type. And in related news, there is a shop at Dragonsmoke Island that sells vials, as well as the ability to purchase in bulk (IOU) for a premium, which should help with the mindless running back and forth between the bank and Peggy's shop in Celadon.

Dragon Loot

Dragon Hatchlings (all types) now drop some loot. In addition, Fire Dragons have been discovered (outside of The Undercroft), and rumour has it that they are known to drop Celadon Platebodies, which is currently the only way to obtain them outside of Smithing.

New Areas to Explore

The Dragonsmoke Island quest will allow you to travel to the island of it's namesake. There is also an underground den that has been discovered north of Summerton, with some strange chicken noises emanating out to the surface.

Other Changes

  • After successfully picklocking a chest, you will now be able to visibly see when it can be looted again.
  • When casting combat spells, in addition to the experience received from casting the spell, you will receive additional experience based on the amount of damage done to your target. (If you do X amount of damage, you will receive X amount of additional Magic experience)
  • Obelisk Teleport spells now only require one Warp Scroll instead of two.
  • The strength of some NPCs have been slightly rebalanced.

Bug Fixes

Bugs that were fixed:
  • Fixed graphical bug introduced in the last update where the "body" portion of some NPCs were invisible, but the equipment they wore was still visible.