Crime Skill Released

Crime Guide

The Crime skill has finally been released, as well as a few more general game improvements and bug fixes.


Crime can now be trained! Currently, two ways to train are:
  • Pickpocketing various characters (Men, Guards, Knights, Dwarves, etc.)
  • Picklocking various chests scattered around the game world
You can see more details by opening the Crime Skill Guide in-game (clicking the Crime stat in the Stats Menu)

Mining and Smithing Level Rebalancing

  • The required mining levels for Silver, Palladium, and Gold have been lowered to 45, 56, and 82, respectively
  • The required smithing levels to smelt Palladium and Coronium Bars have been lowered to 50 and 75, respectively, making them more in-line with their equipment smithing requirements

Global Chat

Global Chat has now been added, so you can speak to everyone on the server without needing to be near them. Simply type "/g " before your message, and everyone on the server will receive it. For example, "/g hello"

New Fishing Area

A new pond has been dug & stocked with fish in Middlefern, it should help new players more easily find a place to fish.

Pirate's Chest

For those who have found a Pirate's Key, you can try heading over to Pirate's Bay and see if it unlocks a chest that the Pirates are guarding. For those wanting to find a Pirate's Key to open the chest, rumour has it they sometimes wash up along the shoreline.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where clicking to remove a player from your friend list would sometimes remove the wrong player
  • Fixed a bug where players could continue fishing one more fish, even after the fishing spot despawned
  • Fixed a bug where the top of the right-click menu would be off-screen, preventing players from, say, grabbing items if many items were on the ground in one spot (ie, if a player died with a full inventory). Previously it would only show options to Inspect the items on the ground instead of Grab.
  • Game movement has been improved a bit, so clicking to 'Walk to' an area that is not accessible should be more forgiving and instead search for nearby open tiles to walk to.